Secure way to protect your Bitcoin transactions.

Securely buy & sell with ease using EscrowBtc. Hold funds in EscrowBtc until services are delivered.
Release Bitcoins if you are satisfied with the Goods or Services.

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Deposit Bitcoins

Login and deposit Bitcoins to your account. You need to send funds from another Bitcoin wallet to your EscrowBtc wallet.


Start Escrow transaction

Once the deposit process is complete, you are ready to start your first transaction. Choose the type of transaction and currency. Add the username of your partner, then submit. An invitation will then be sent inviting them to join the transaction.


Wait for the other party to accept the transaction

After your partner has accepted and started working on your task or has finished delivering your services. Review the services or goods sold.


Release Bitcoins

If you are satisfied with the goods or services received, release bitcoins to the other party { Seller or Company }.

What is Escrow?

An escrow is an financial arrangement between two parties where a third-party holds payment of the funds (as we do in bitcoins) required to complete a transaction. It is secure as funds are kept with the third-party until all of the terms of a transaction are met. However, we only step in if there are issues ( a dispute ) with the transaction. Over 98% of the transactions on EscrowBtc are completed without us stepping in, making it automated between you and your partner!

Simple Yet Sophisticated.

EscrowBtc automated escrow service is beautifully designed from top to bottom both visually, and programmatically to make it incredibly easy to use. It is simple to get started. Our intuitive design helps you get started right away with your first transaction.

Release Funds When Satisfied

When bitcoins are locked in escrow, only you decide when you want to release it.

Set your own terms

Set and define your own rules and terms of bitcoin escrow transaction on this bitcoin escrow platform.

Truly secure

EscrowBtc® system will keep your funds truly secure during the entire transaction process.

Lowest transaction fees

Only BTC escrow platform where users are enjoying lowest transaction fee for every transaction on the platform.

User Trust Feedbacks

EscrowBtc has a reputation & feedback system to help users distinguish the legit members from fraudsters.

24/7 Support

Our EscrowBtc support team are always available to make sure all users get safe, fast and efficient escrow transactions.

Start Your First Transaction

It is incredibly simple and fast.